Advances in implantable technology are saving lives at Walker Heart Institute.

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“So Electrophysiology is dealing with the heart rhythm and electrical activity of the heart.” Soliman Soliman M.D. is a cardiologist with Washington Regional’s Walker Heart Institute.

“Every defibrillator is a pacemaker, alright? But not every pacemaker is a defibrillator. So the defibrillator works like a pacemaker. If your heart slows down, it will give it a small electrical jolt. Make it go. If it goes fast and irregular, life-threatening, it will give you a big electrical jolt that will save your life. The pacemaker only works for a slow heartbeat. Never work for a fast heartbeat. “

“Think about pacemakers and defibrillators as computers,” Boris Bogomilov M.D. F.A.C.C. says the implantable technology has grown smaller over the years, ” you can imagine what computers were in the 1980s and what they are right now, and pretty much the same is carried down to the field of electrophysiology. Devices are suddenly getting smaller, faster, more powerful. Much more information can be gathered from there. The transmission protocols are much more sophisticated. “

“Microtranscathter Pacemakers is a new type of pacemakers which are lidless pacemakers. They are advanced to the heart straight through the femoral vein and placed directly in the heart. They do not require leads and they are fairly small. One day they will be absolutely the future. Currently, they’ve been recently introduced for certain patients they are very good options.”

Dr. Soliman says ” If you don’t feel comfortable, you talk to your doctor and let him know, or let her know. That’s a problem. But the most dangerous symptom is when you have racing of your heart and dizzy spells or passing out. That’s when you should go to the emergency room.”

If you have a problem with your heart rhythm (the speed and pattern of your heartbeat), please consult your doctor or make an appointment at Walker Heart by calling 479-463-8740. No referral is necessary if you are having heart rhythm issues.

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