“Distracted driving is a big problem. We see multiple motor vehicle crashes here in the emergency department every day,” says Washington Regional Medical Center‘s Trauma Outreach Coordinator, Brittany Berryman. The CDC estimates that about 3000 Americans die each year in distracted driving crashes. 10% of distracted driving accidents result in fatalities, with another additional 15% resulting in injuries.

“Most people think of distracted driving as using their phone, talking or texting, but it can also be using your navigation system, eating or really anything that takes your attention away from driving and the road in front of you. Distracted driving seems to be the biggest problem for those under the age of 20, but most specifically, the older teenagers think they’ve gotten comfortable with driving and feel comfortable enough that they can engage in some of these distractions,” Berryman states.

She also says that parents with young drivers should set a good example by not using those distractions while driving and to talk to their young drivers about the dangers of distracted driving.