Fayetteville, AR -Danita Mullins, Emergency Services Director with Washington Regional Medical Center, gives us a tour of the Emergency Department at Washington Regional.

” Hi, I’m Danita Mullins, director of the Emergency Department at Washington Regional. We want to remind you that emergencies don’t stop for COVID-19. If you have an injury, serious illness, signs ans symptoms of a heart attack or stroke, don’t hesitate to call 911 or come to our Emergency Department. At Washington Regional, we’ve taken many steps to help keep you safe.”

“If you need to visit the emergency department, the first thing you’ll notice is the screening station. Here you’ll be met by a screener wearing a mask. Currently all of our staff are wearing masks for your safety and ours. The screener will ask you a few questions to see if you have any symptoms of coronavirus or if you have been around someone who has the virus. Once you’ve answered the questions, you’ll be given a wristband, to show you’ve been screened, and a mask if you don’t already have one. Inside you’ll be directed to our general waiting area, or to a separate area specifically for patients with respiratory symptoms. We’ve separated these waiting areas for your protection.”

“Once you’re taken back for treatment, you’ll also see there is a separate treatment area for patients with respiratory symptoms. For any other emergency, you will be seen in this party of the Emergency Department as normal. “

“No matter what section you’re seen in, the E.R. along with all areas of the hospital is frequently cleaned and disinfected. As an added layer of safety, we use special robots daily to zap every nook and cranny with UV light to kill any germs present.”

“If you need to come to the hospital, don’t wait. Delaying care can lead to serious problems. Remember, Washington Regional Emergency Department is always here for you. “