Aubree Hayes, one of the dietitians at Washington Regional Medical Center, says “I love getting to help people learn about food and nutrition”. She says, “when it comes to building our plate during the holidays, no foods are off limits. We were made to enjoy food, but there are things we can do to make sure our plates are a little more well-rounded. So the MyPlate guidelines for healthy Americans say that you need have half of your plate be fruits and vegetables. So that’s still a good guideline during the holidays. You can pick some smaller portions of some other things that might be a little more indulgent. So, during the holidays we can be very tempted to snack and graze all day. Something that can help is knowing when your next mealtime is can kind of help us keep in check if we really need that snack or not. If you have a family that likes to spend time together maybe after you eat you could all take a walk together. Something that’s going to get your blood pumping and kind of get that food moving through your body. At the end of the day, if it’s just for one or two days, it’s not going to be too big of a deal. What I really want people to know about enjoying the holidays this year is that it’s okay. Just remember that, eating food and enjoying food during the holidays is okay. Food is more than calories- food is memories, food is comfort, food is an experience. And so, it’s okay to have a few days where maybe we don’t follow all the rules. But we do get to enjoy it and we get to enjoy that experience, and sometimes that’s more important.”