Fayetteville, AR – “High blood pressure, also known as hyper-tension, is a medical condition where the blood pressure, or the pressure inside the blood vessels is higher than normal.” Zubair Ahmed MD, FSCAI is a cardiologist at Washington Regional’s Walker Heart Institute. He says that this simple condition can be a deadly killer.

“High blood pressure or hypertension is nick-named ‘the silent killer.’ The reason for that is it doesn’t cause any symptoms most of the time. People do not know the blood pressure is running high and yet their organs are taking damage from it. That’s why, most of the time, it has to be checked on a routine basis based on medical visits or if you have access to a blood pressure meter, called a sphygmometer to get your blood pressure checked. “

“So on a routine check, when people measure their blood pressure, if it is out of range, and that is the top number, being 130 mL, with the lower number being 80 mL. Once the numbers are higher than this, you are categorized as having different levels of hypertension. Between 130 and 140, you may be called as pre-hypertensive, but any numbers above 140 would usually include people being hypertensive.”

Dr. Ahmed says that if you are concerned “that you have high blood pressure, we certainly recommend you talk to your doctor. They will be able to check your blood pressure and make recommendations. A lot of time the first step is to modify your lifestyle. That could include exercising, changing your sleep pattern, (and/or) changing your smoking habits. And eating healthy. If those measures are not working, then your doctor can talk with you about multiple medications that are available to treat you. It is a decision that is individualized to a patient’s needs and response to therapy and a physician is able to help with those treatments’.”

For more information contact Washington Regional’s Walker Heart Institute or your primary care physician.