“Monoclonal antibodies are lab-made antibodies that help your body fight the virus.” Heather Hutchinson is a nurse practitioner with Washington Regional. “Getting these antibodies early within the course of the illness can help prevent hospitalization and further progression of Covid-19. “

Washington Regional provides monoclonal antibody treatment at our Covid-19 drive-through testing clinic in Fayetteville. When you arrive for your pre-scheduled appointment, park in one of the numbered parking spaces. You will call the number on your paperwork and finish the registration process with admissions. A team member will then come out and escort you into the building. They will take you to a private space with a stretcher where you can be comfortable while you get your vital signs checked and the next steps are explained. We’ll make sure your paperwork is complete and you’ll be able to ask questions. Once your questions have been answered. You’ll be given four injections under the skin. Usually, it’s one in each side of the abdomen and one in each thigh. Don’t worry. The needle is very small and discomfort is usually minimal. This whole process takes 5 to 10 minutes, you’ll then be escorted to a recliner where you’ll rest for an hour of observation, during which time, we will take your vital signs a few times. Once your hour is over. You are free to return home. “

“To receive monoclonal antibody treatment, you need to meet a few requirements. To get scheduled for a monoclonal antibody treatment, call your primary care provider. They can fax or email the orders to our central scheduling department. Central scheduling department should contact you within one to two days to get you scheduled for your treatment.”