How to keep Thanksgiving from ruining your diet

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“The holiday season is upon us and a common mistake for a lot of people is getting off track with being out of work or working different schedules, different hours so the main thing you can focus on is maintaining structure, consistency, and balance during the holiday season to avoid getting off track.” Brittney Sharp MS, R.D, L.D. is a registered dietitian with Washington Regional Nutritional Counseling. For Thanksgiving Day, she suggests going into the day with a plan.

“I think going into the day with a plan and what it might look like is always helpful. It’s always much easier to stick to a plan if you have a plan in place. It may not end up looking like that, but I think we set ourselves up for success if we do have a plan going into the day, knowing what your day might look like. If you wake up with a positive mindset and say I’m going to start with a solid breakfast. I’m going to start with a solid lunch, even if your day kind of takes a nosedive, you have still started it strong. So I think that’s a good key to have in place.”

“Portion control is definitely important. Trying not to limit or avoid anything. Avoidance is not our goal but just be mindful of the portions when we are having certain things.”

“I think the main thing to focus on is, the holidays are one day. So our whole structure/gameplan does not go out the window if one day we have a little less or a little more than our body requires. So focusing on enjoying yourself on that one day. Maintaining balance and structure as much as you can on that day and then resetting the next day and getting back on track. The downfall a lot of time with the holidays is that we have a hard with that getting back on track. So resetting the next day and realizing that Thanksgiving, Christmas, all those holidays are just one day.”

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