FAYETTEVILLE, ARKANSAS – “HPV, otherwise known as Human Papillomavirus is a human virus that is very common,” Alexis McCollum, MD is an OBGYN physician at HerHealth Clinic at Washington Regional. “but we care about it because it can be linked to several types of cancers. “

“We have great screening tools for this long before it has a chance to develop into cervical cancer. This is one of the aspects that we look at with routine gynecological exams and Pap smears specifically which were designed to detect those effects of HPV on the cervix long before it develops into cervix cancer. “

“The number one thing to do is get the HPV vaccine. So this has been around for quite a while. Now it is recommended starting, it’s FDA approved starting at the age of 9 all the way up to the age of 45. Anybody from 9 to 45 to get this to protect themselves and we have excellent evidence showing a reduction of HPV affected pre-cancer changes and cervical cancer as the main thing that’s been followed. SO we’ve got excellent evidence that this has beneficial at protecting of us, our loved ones, everyone, and HPV vaccine is approved for both boys and girls. “

“One other thing you can do to reduce your risk of after-effects is to either never start smoking or stop smoking. We know that tobacco and smoking actually, affect the way the HPV is taken up by the cells and can increase our risk of those cancers caused by HPV. “

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