“It’s important to get the flu shot because it prevents your chances of getting the flu, and also reduces the severity of the flu if you do happen to get it.” Megan Albers is a physician- assistant at East Springdale Family Clinic. “It also helps the populations around you that have weakened immune systems. The vulnerable populations, such as pregnant women, young children, infants, and the elderly.”

“This year it is especially important to get the flu shot because as things are starting to open up and restrictions are lessening, we’re more vulnerable to the flu virus this year. We also don’t have a strong natural immunity this year as we have in previous years because cases, were so low last year. And then on top of that COVID-19 is still very prevalent in our community and the last thing you want is a combined infection of both flu and COVID. “

“The peak season is between December and February and so December is not going to be too late to receive your flu vaccination, because that’s actually during peak season. And the flu virus can actually continue to spread often until May. So, according to the CDC, you can get both the flu vaccine and the COVID vaccine together. There are some administration recommendations for your medical professionals to take. They might recommend that you have them on different arms, but that’s going to be according to the guidelines that your primary care provider is following.”

“You can get your flu vaccination from your primary care provider and if you don’t happen to have a primary care provider, you can go to wregional.com/clinics to find a primary care provider near you and you can call to schedule an appointment to get your flu vaccination.”