“June is Men’s Health Awareness Month.”, says Dr. Robert Grand, a Urologist at Washington Regional Ozark Urology. “Men’s health is important because men’s health encompasses the physical and mental health conditions that are unique to men, but it includes things like prostate problems, age related hormonal changes, your energy levels, testosterone, intimacy problems, and also genital urinary cancers that are unique to men, including prostate cancer and testicular cancer. A lot of age-related health conditions can be prevented just by lifestyle changes, and so the foods that we eat, exercise, sleep, these are all things that we can do on a daily basis, to stay healthy and to prevent some things, you know, that can affect us later on. So depending on the topic, we have a wide range, a very comprehensive list of treatments that we can do, for these problems, and we have a pathway that we can go down for each problem to figure out, one, if this is something that would require treatment, and two, what’s the best treatment option. Is it gonna be medical treatment, lifestyle changes, or, you know if needed, would it be uh, some sort of procedure or surgery? If you have any questions about men’s health awareness, or if you want to sit down and just have a discussion about something you’re not sure about, then feel free to contact us at Washington Regional Ozark Urology. You can visit us online, or you can call us to set up an appointment, and we do accept walk-in’s.”