“I was in Little Rock practicing for about 35 years, and an opportunity came along where I could come into a smaller group practice, two instead of seventeen. ” John Brizzolara M.D. is a Urologist at Washington Regional’s Ozark Urology. He says the relationship between the hospital and clinic was instrumental in his decision to come to northwest Arkansas.

” The very attractive item about coming into practice was the close association with Ozark Urology Clinic and the hospital itself. I’ve been very impressed with the nursing personnel at Washington Regional. All of them are very in tuned and caring people, very efficient. It’s nice that there’s a close association between this clinic and the hospital.”

C. Mark Jackson M.D. the other Urologist at Ozark Urology agrees. “It’s kind of why I joined Ozark Urology is the fact that we are part of the Washington Regional system. “

“Here at our clinic we’ve really improved and made it to where our patients can get in if they are seen in the ER for like a Kidney Stone, they can get on of the MDs or the nurse practitioners or extenders. That way we can see them in the clinic quickly, assess if they need to have a surgical intervention. and get them to the hospital just across the street in an expeditious manner.”

Dr. Brizzolara says the staff at Ozark Urology is top-notch. “Ozark Urology, the nurses and the medical assistants and the front desk people, all are really involved in taking care of the patient. They are concerned about what’s going on with them. They’ll help them get in, in the appropriate amount of time without putting people off.”

Dr. Jackson says “there are multiple ways that people come in to see us. There’s no one way better than the other. Some people come in through the emergency room. Some people will go to the acute care clinics that we have throughout the northwest Arkansas area. Some people come through their primary care provider. “

If you think you have a problem and you are not sure you can make an appointment with the professionals at Ozark Urology by calling 479-404-1100.