Making childbirth as natural as you want it at Washington Regional’s HerHealth.

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“So, a lot of patients ask me if we offer low intervention birth options and I’m pleased to say that we offer those here at Washington Regional.” Dr. Amy Scott is an OB/GYN at Washington Regional’s HerHealth Clinic.

“Low intervention birth option means that it’s as natural of a delivery as you can get, we’re just doing this in the hospital setting.  Washington Regional offers a lot of variety of options for low intervention.  These are things to make the patient more comfortable.  Some of them include things like wireless monitors so the patient can get up, move around, walk around, be more comfortable and not feel like they’re attached to the bed or to some kind of machine. “

” We also have things such as birthing balls, birthing bars, peanut balls. We have a shower that has equipped with jets for hydrotherapy as well as nitrous oxide if someone wants to try that for pain relief.  A lot of options like this just to try to make the patient more comfortable and feel like they get what they are wanting out of their birth plan.”

“In fact, a lot of the things that you’ll find on a birth plan are things that we do standardly anyway in our standard practice.  These are things like delayed cord clamping, skin-to-skin immediately after delivery, rooming-in with the baby, baby rarely ever leaves your room, stays in the room with you the whole time.  So, it’s really important that you deliver in a hospital setting like Washington Regional. We always want those uncomplicated deliveries. And that’s what we always hope for, but we always know that’s not the case.  Unfortunately, sometimes emergencies do arise and if and when that happens, it’s proven that if you’re in a hospital setting, where we can intervene quickly, um, you get a better outcome and ultimately at the end of the day our goal is for a healthy mom and a healthy baby. “

For more information on having a baby at Washington Regional’s HerHealth Clinic call 479-463-5500.

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