Managing Stress

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F. Levi Hudson, PA-C is a physician assistant for Washington Regional practicing and family medicine at East Springdale Family Clinic. Since April is stress awareness month, we spoke to him about managing stress. He says “Stress is simply our body’s response to a challenge or a demand, So a challenge or demand could be your you need to meet a deadline for work or school, or if you find yourself in a difficult situation, or you feel like you’re in a dangerous situation, then the stress response will kick in and we commonly call that the fight-or-flight response.”

“So if you feel like you’re experiencing chronic stress one of the biggest things you need to do is learn how to properly manage your time. One thing I often recommend is learning to say no. Learning to know what your threshold is and not take on too many things so that you’re not adding on to the stress you’re already feeling. Then there’s other healthy ways to manage stress. Daily routine things that we need to make time for, to implement into our schedule such as a healthy diet. Because when our body’s going through stress it is using up a lot of key nutrients vitamins and minerals. We need a healthy well-balanced diet to help replace those. And then exercise is one of the most natural things we can do to relieve stress because we produce those natural endorphins during exercise that helps us with our mood, helps us sleep better, and helps us with our overall energy. “

“If someone is still experiencing chronic stress even after implementing some things that we would normally recommend and they’re having issues with depression and anxiety that’s really debilitating their overall function and they should seek help from their primary care provider or mental health provider very soon.”

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