FAYETTEVILLE, AR – “There’s always a tendency, and you see that a lot of times it’s made a joke of, that men have a tendency to ignore their own health.” Randy Shinn, MD is a Geriatrician for Washington Regional Medical Center with two offices one in Fayetteville and one in Springdale at the Schmieding Center. “It’s always easier to address something preemptively rather than find something further down the line. So I think it’s always important for men, even if they feel they’re in very good health, to still see their physician at least on a yearly basis just for a checkup. Make sure their blood pressure is fine. There are new blood pressure guidelines. And it’s very important to know your number. So I would say for men starting about age 50 the number you need to know is 120. This is the top number you want your blood pressure below this top number on the systolic blood pressure so you want your blood pressure less than 120.

If you’re over the age of 75 that number goes up a little bit and your number is 130. So it’s very very important to try and keep your blood pressure less than 130. You know also very important about screening is making sure that you also have your immunizations up to date. So for older adults, it’s making sure you have your pneumonia vaccines. That you get your flu vaccines on a yearly basis and also don’t forget the Shingrix vaccine which protects people from shingles. And also the most important thing we can do nowadays is to get our coronavirus vaccine. We’re trying to reach herd immunity and we can get back to normal quicker and stay there without worry about a resurgence of this disease if we all get vaccinated.

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