November is Hospice Awareness Month

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Hospice is, is care that involves people at that end of life time”, says Stanley Bradley, Hospice Medical Director with Washington Regional. “It involves the patient and their families. You know, our focus for the patient is going to be their comfort- we think very much about their comfort. We focus on relieving their symptoms so that they can have a better quality of life, so that they can do the things that they really need to do at the end of life. Our care for families- one of the things, is particularly in our home care, there’s a nurse you can call 24/7. And that it, it really provides a lot of assurance, you know, that I’m not just out here alone taking care of my loved one. That there’s somebody I can call. And it is a comprehensive service. So we have social workers that help families plan ahead and think about, well you know maybe we could.. there might be some governmental services or there might be some services available that could help us meet the need of this really difficult time. And then we also have chaplains that address spiritual care for the families. So, you know, it might be that persons need to go to the hospital very often and they’re hearing from their doctors that, you know, we’re having a difficult time helping them get better each time. That might be the kind of circumstance that leads one to think that, for some people you know, it’s that they’ve exhausted all the chemotherapy that is really going to help them. To enroll in hospice, you know, two doctors have to agree that the person has a life expectancy of less than six months. If your doctors suggested thinking about hospice, or if like I say, you’ve had frequent hospitalizations or you can see a rapid decline in your loved one, you know. Anyone can refer to hospice.”

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