“At Washington Regional Integrative Gynecology, we offer consultations for women who are looking to support their overall wellbeing, or also to delve into specific women’s health concerns.”, says Dr. Kristin Markell with Washington Regional Integrative Gynecology. “I encourage patients to take an annual health inventory, or assessment, and this could be at the new year’s, right, it could be after your annual wellness visit with your provider, or it could be at your birthday. My advice for setting goals is to, number one know why this goal is important to you. Um, I really recommend that patients delve into their values, and make sure that their health goals are connected to their values. The other things I remind people are to give yourself grace because starting something new is tough, it can be tough. And to really celebrate the milestones along the way, because its not just the end goal, it’s the changes that are happening during the process. Mindfulness is a mind body practice, of awareness of the present moment. We know that mindfulness is beneficial for overall health. We’ve seen this with different studies that show that mindfulness can decrease pain, it can help support mental health symptoms, and it’s also even been shown to be helpful in treatment plans for chronic diseases. So, again I think it’s really important to really look into that, you know, why is this health goal important for me and what value is it helping support, because if we can always come back to that it makes it easier for these health goals to have a place in our lives.”