“Faith in Action is an outreach program of Washington Regional Medical System,” Jason Kelly is the Director of Outreach Services with Washington Regional Medical Foundation and Faith in Action. “We offer services to homebound senior adults in Northwest Arkansas with non-medical services, and volunteers will provide transportation to and from medical appointments, grocery shopping.”

Kelly says volunteers can help in a variety of ways. “They’ll do in-home visits, help with chores around the house. And we also have a food pantry to where we can deliver shelf, stable foods, and paper products on a monthly basis. To kind of help close the gap for those that might be experiencing food insecurity.”

To help raise funds, the group holds an annual fundraiser. “So Faith in Action is a nonprofit, and we have one big fundraiser every year, and it’s called Savor the Flavor. This year, Savor the Extra Flavor, and it’s a program or it’s an event. Both things really. We have a passbook and there are coupons inside the past book that you can go to local restaurants across northwest Arkansas and be able to get a discount or a free item or some kind of service out of the passbook. And the sales of this passbook directly impact the program of Faith in Action. But if you purchase one before December the 12th, you’ll be entered into a drawing for two incredible prizes from Underwood Jewelry and then Secondhand Smoke Barbecue, a catered meal, which is just incredible. And these passbooks are going to be good. They’ll be valid through September of 2022. So if you’re interested in purchasing a passbook, those are $40 a piece, and you can visit our website at wregional.com/savortheflavor or follow us on Facebook at Faith in Action NWA, and you’ll find a link there to be able to purchase that as well.”