“Things for you to consider as you begin an exercise program in the new year are how active you have been, so what’s your current levels of conditioning are?”, says John Layes, Trainer and Exercise Physiologist at Washington Regional Center for Exercise. “If there’s a family history or you know of underlying conditions, a good idea is to check with your doctor and make sure that it’s okay to begin this and to continue progressing on that as you move forward. Many times people pick goals that are just what they think they should be or what media tells them to be and so they should really put a little more time into assessing what their overall goal is. Also starting too fast is a is a thing that people will try to do. They’ll try to get there in one day or one month and then that’s not enough time for the for the habit to begin so that they sustain those. Research will show that it can take anywhere from three weeks to a year to form a new habit. Many times starting to fast will either lead to injuries or just be too much of a struggle to continue that pace and therefore they don’t feel good about their outcomes and and where they end up with their goals. Good schedules will include the parts of your overall fitness, strength, flexibility, endurance, balance. A great beginning program would be to just start with 15 minutes of aerobic type, walking, biking, aquatic exercise. You can find 10 minutes of a strength training type exercise and then five minutes of a stretch type exercise and that’d be a great place to start. For more information or how to become a member go to wregional.com/cfe.”