“Faith in Action is a volunteer-based program that offers nonmedical services to homebound aging adults across Northwest Arkansas.”, says Jason Kelly, Director of Outreach Services at Washington Regional Medical Foundation. “Qualification to be in the program is no longer driving and over the age of 60, and services we are pleased to provide include phone calls and writing letters, making in-home visits, transportation to shopping and doctors appointments, and then also we have a pantry. We stock shelf-stable foods, we have paper products, and we just expanded our pantry to include frozen proteins and vegetables and fruits. Faith in Action is a nonprofit, and we rely on donations and grants to be able to provide our services to our clients, and we do have one fundraiser a year, and it’s Savor the Flavor NWA, and again this year we’re excited to offer a passbook, and in this passbook is coupons to local restaurants and food trucks and coffee shops, and uh, just a variety of places that has over $250 worth of value inside those books, and as the sell and the sponsorship of these passbooks come in, all of those proceeds go right back in to support Faith in Action. Anyone interested in a passbook, its super easy, they can go to our website at WRegional.com/SavorTheFlavor, be able to see it there. Its $40 and you can purchase that online.”