“A primary care physician treats numerous illnesses”, says Dr. Steven Spencer with Washington Regional Fayetteville Family Clinic. “Injuries can run the gamut from young children, older adults, preventive care, as well as diagnosing chronic medical problems and treating chronic medical problems. So there’s a whole host of things that your primary care doctor can perform for you. Primary care doctors take care of a wide variety of illnesses. Commonly, we treat high blood pressure, diabetes, thyroid conditions. We also see a variety of other, less common chronic illnesses. And if we need to, we will refer those to a specialist for further care. Going to see your primary care provider for illnesses can be beneficial because your primary care provider knows the medications that you’re taking. They know the illnesses that you’ve had in the past. They may even know your family history. They may know your family. They may have some insight into what kind of problem you’re really having and having insight to patients issues can help you diagnose more correctly and look at other things that you’re more concerned about. To find a primary care provider, visit wregional.com/clinics to find a provider near you, or give us a call at Fayetteville Family Clinic at 479-404-1200.”