“You should get vaccinated now, this is the time.” Dr. Rex Porte is a family physician at the Washington Regional Shiloh Clinic. He says that flu season has begun. “Most of the time vaccinations are during the flu season and we are at that stage right now. So now would be the best time. It’s best you get in and get it done now before the flu virus starts to spread through the community. “

“The flu is a contagious respiratory illness that’s caused by influenza viruses. There are many of them and we normally tend to focus on certain strains that may happen depending on the year. “

“You know the CDC, they pay attention to these things to make sure that we in the community are protected. If you do come down with this viral illness, it can be detrimental at times. It can lead to things like pneumonia. And pneumonia may lead to death if not properly treated.”

“We’ve already seen a few cases of the flu this season. We want you to go ahead, go in and find out how to get vaccinated. There’s many outlets that you can go thru. You can go through your primary care physician. You can go to any provider. You can go to a pediatrician, the pharmacist, urgent care. So these places are available but also keep in mind that we here at Shiloh Clinic are accepting new patients. So come on by and we can talk about the flu some more. We’d be happy to give you your vaccination.”

For more information or to schedule a flu shot at Washington Regional’s Shiloh Clinic call 479-419-9902.

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