“So, if you’re worried about entering the holidays and gaining weight and feeling terrible when it’s all done, one of the main things that you can do is listen to your body, and kind of set some, just general guidelines in place.”, say Aubree Hays, Dietitian at Washington Regional Medical Center. “So, first of all, listening to your body. If your body says it’s full, don’t keep stuffing it. Remember that even though we have these special foods once or twice a year, if you wait an hour or two until you’re hungry again, it’ll still be there, so you don’t have to finish everything on your plate, you don’t have to take large portions of things every time, but, you can just wait and listen and enjoy things a little bit at a time, instead of large portions all at once. And you can also kind of set some guidelines in place for yourself before the holidays start, that will help you, kind of navigate some of those situations. Something you can do is make sure you eat a really healthy breakfast, that’s gonna keep you from wanting to overeat on appetizers or overdo it at lunch. Make sure that if you have family that likes to fix a lot of appetizers, how can we maybe focus on fruits and vegetables, or some lean meats, some cheeses, things that are going to fill us and be nourishing, without tempting us to make ourselves overdo it. If you have a family that likes to spend time together, maybe after you guys eat you could all go take a walk together. Something that’s gonna get your blood pumping, and kinda get that food moving through your body.”