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” I am very proud to be a part of Walker Heart Institute, the area’s largest, most comprehensive cardiac care facility.” Dr. Joel Carver is a Cardiologist at Washington Regional’s Walker Heart Institute. ” We have been part of the success that has resulted in a decline of 45% since 2000 in the death rates from Heart Disease.”

” That means more grandparents will see their grandchildren graduate from high school. They’ll see more marriages. They’ll be able to participate in the joyfulness of life for many more years. “

” We’re the area’s largest group of cardiologists, specializing in all aspects of cardiovascular care. Meaning the plumbing of the heart. If you have a block we can get it fixed. If you have an electrical problem, we have specialists that can fix that as well. And we have the most experienced team of cardiac surgeons in the region.”

” We have a team-based approach here at Walker Heart. We have specialty teams in congestive heart failure, in valve surgery, and in lipid clinics, where we have a wide variety of specialists that provide the unique care that is the best care for the patient, the most appropriate care, and the latest care for the patient. “

” We have the whole spectrum of treatments for blocked valves from surgical replacement to the TAVR, trans-aortic valve replacement that doesn’t involve open-heart surgery but results in equal outcomes. Now approved by the F.D.A. for even low-risk patients. It’s so much easier on the patient. It’s almost like in and out. ”

” We’re happy to see any patient that has any concern about their heart issue. They just need to call for an appointment and we have locations conviently located throughout all northwest Arkansas.”

For more information call Washington Regional’s Walker Heart Institute at 479-463-8740.

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