Washington Regional Celebrates National Breastfeeding Month

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“August is national breastfeeding month.” Tonia Squires, RN, IBCLC is a Lactation Consultant at Washington Regional.

“So the baby’s born with a little bit of immunity when they’re born but they’re still pretty vulnerable and so the mother provides a lot of that immunity through her milk. And if mother has the flu or a stomach virus or anything, that baby’s so much better off if she continues to breast feed through her illness because she will be protecting her baby. And when babies are sick they do so much better if they continue to breastfeed because they’re going to get the antibodies. They’re going to get the nutrition they need. And they’re going to be really well hydrated cause human milk is about 87% water. “

“What a lot of people don’t talk about or share is that breastfeeding can be really challenging. And so that’s why we do have six lactation consultants here and we stay really really busy. Because it’s not always easy, it kind of depends upon, how early was the baby when they were born, Babies born by Cesarean have some challenges, they take a little longer to catch on. Mothers have some of their own physical challenges as well. It’s not always easy in the beginning.”

“What we do here is, we kind of meet the mother where she’s at and it’s really important to ask the mother what are her goals. She may have a goal to breastfeed for one day. She may have a goal to breast feed for two years. She may not know a lot of breastfeeding and so we can kind of let her know like this is kind of what it’ll look like and does this sound like something you want to do. And so depending on what her goals are, then we work really hard to help her meet those goals.”

“World Breastfeeding Week, the theme this year is really about empowering families and enabling them and so it goes way beyond just the mother and the baby, it really is like kind of encircling the families and helping them meet those goals what even those are.”

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