Washington Regional Celebrates National Nutrition Month

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FAYETTEVILLE, AR – “Every March we like to celebrate National Nutrition Month, ” Heidi Hibbard RDN, LD, is a Registered Dietitian with Washington Regional Medical Center. “This year National Nutrition Month’s theme is ‘Eat Right Bite by Bite’ and we are focusing on eating a variety of different foods every bite. Different textures, different colors, different flavors and we’re trying to kind of introduce people to new items.”

“The different options that we are showcasing this year are different smoothies, grain bowls, and overnight oats. We chose these items because they incorporate different healthful ingredients to introduce people to different flavors as well. And in addition to all of that, they are pretty simple and something that most people could re-create at home.”

Other tips for eating healthy… Hibbard says ” I usually recommend that they have half of their plate be filled with vegetables and some fruit.” She also recommends splitting the other half of the plate between lean meat and whole grain.

” I recommend really paying attention, even before you begin to eat; ‘How hungry am I?’ ‘Am I going to the fridge because I am bored, or am I eating because I am sad maybe?’ And then if you are actually truly hungry, in the middle of the meal stop and assess yourself. ‘Am I starting to get full? Am I satisfied yet? ‘ And then eat to the point of being satisfied without being overly full. And then the next time say you do eat too much and then you are overly full notice how much you ate and then on the next meal eat a couple of bites less.”

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