“Actually strokes are one of the leading causes of disability and death in America. ” Jennifer Bonner is a Nurse Practitioner with the Stroke Program at Washington Regional Medical Center. “There are well over 750,000 strokes every year in America and a large portion of those are here in our area. The southeastern United States has a heavy stroke burden so it’s important that we prevent and treat those.”

“There are only two Comprehensive Stroke Centers in all of Arkansas. One is in Little Rock and one is here and that’s Washington Regional Medical Center. What a Comprehensive Stroke Center does is provide all the care that a stroke patient could need here at our hospital.”

“What I really want everyone to know out in the community is if you or someone you’re with has signs and symptoms of stroke, don’t get in your car and come to the ER, call 9-1-1. Because in this area we have a good system of pre-arrival care as well. EMS will check your vital signs and your blood sugar and do an assessment and they’ll alert the Emergency Department that you’re on the way. The Emergency Department can then get the CAT scan machine ready. They’ll bypass ER. Go directly to CT and you’ll be stabilized there. The ER will also alert the Stroke Team who can meet you in the emergency room. Time is brain, and so every minute that we can shave off the time that that patient gets care is disability that we could decrease. It’s also important to note that Washington Regional has 24/7 neurology care and stroke care in the hospital and we’re the only hospital in the area to have that. “

You can learn more about stroke care and stroke prevention at wregional.com/stroke.