“The American Heart Association states that nearly half of all Americans have some sort of cardiovascular disease.”, says Nabil Cameron, an APRN at the Walker Heart Institute Cardiovascular Clinic. “Unfortunately, this sometimes goes unidentified. This is why cardiac screenings are so important. Screenings allows us to identify any potential risk factors before the problem hits. It allows us to address issues in a timely manner. They are honestly the cornerstone to preventative healthcare. We recommend getting screened for your cardiac health at least once yearly, especially if you have personal risk factors or a strong family cardiac history. Here at Walker Heart, we offer the $60 comprehensive screenings. These screenings include a variety of diagnostic tests. Some of these tests include an Electrocardiogram, which will give us a better look at how your electrical system is going on with your heart, a fasting lipid panel that can tell us how your cholesterol is, as well as a ten-year cardiac risk assessment. They also include a variety of other things such as a blood pressure measurement and a BMI to see how you’re doing on that level as well. You would have these tests done prior to the appointment or at the time of appointment, so during the appointment with your provider it would be approximately 30 minutes in length, and we would be able to review all these results with you. Here at Walker Heart, we offer these $60 comprehensive screenings for anyone 18 and above. If you or your family member would like to schedule one, please call our front desk at 479-463-8740. Here at walker heart, we would love to be part of the care team that keeps your heart healthy and strong.”