“So long term stress, or chronic stress, can cause a whole array of physical symptoms.”, says Levi Hudson, a Physician Assistant with Washington Regional at the East Springdale Family Clinic. “People can have headaches or sleep disturbance, they can start having depression, anxiety, they can have digestive issues, they can experience chest pain, high blood pressure. If you can afford to do so, some preventative counseling, maybe you’re feeling stressed and you just want more information on how to properly manage that, then its definitely okay to see a counselor just for preventative counseling, on better ways to manage or cope with your stress. So there are a lot of common, what we call negative behaviors that people tend to gravitate to when they’re feeling overwhelmed or stressed. This-this could be alcohol, this could be smoking, it could be overeating, and some people could resort to illicit drugs. Those are obviously things that-that will end up being more detrimental to your overall health, it creates a viscous cycle where you feel stressed, you do the negative behavior, but then that causes more, actually physical stress, emotional stress. If you’ve tried to manage your stress on your own, but you’re still feeling overwhelmed or feeling like you’re not improving, or you’re experiencing things like depression, anxiety, or panic attacks then please do call out to your, your primary care provider, or you can schedule with a counselor as well, sometimes you may need a referral and the primary care provider can do that as well, but please call and get an appointment right away and we’d  be happy to help you and see you for that.”