“We want Washington Regional to be the best place to receive care from a patient perspective, and the best place to give care. That’s really the, vision that we have for Washington Regional.”  Larry Shackelford is the President and CEO of Washington Regional Health System and he says as a non-profit hospital they are more dedicated to their mission than shareholders.
“So our mission is something that we try to put in practice every day. And you know, there are different components of that mission. One is to provide comprehensive, quality, cost-efficient health care. And you know, when people get sick we’re pretty good at helping them get better. But our mission’s more than that. And I think not only in our community, but in our country, we’re gonna have to look at, is the right care being delivered at the right time, at the right place. We’re gonna have to look at not waiting until we get sick to make folks better, but how do we educate? How do we keep people well? That does involve wellness. That does involve, just as you take your car to get the oil changed, you know, having a relationship with someone in primary care. Doing what you need to do annually, and again, taking care of little things while they’re little things. Because it’s much more costly in time, and energy, and resources if you wait and take care of them when they become big things. Washington Regional is a community non-profit hospital. We’re unique in that regard. We’re the only one in this area. So being non-profit, that means that we have an obligation to take care of all patients. That also makes us very mission focused. We don’t have to worry about returns to share holders, we have a goal of being able to cover our cost, and have some left over to be able to invest in new equipment and new technology, and some to put back when things don’t go as all was planned. “